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1 / 15 watching a lecture from a safe distance 听讲座同时保持安全距离

together apart | 聚 隔

Year | 年份: 2020
Status | 状态: completed | 建成
Location | 地点 : Suzhou, China | 中国,苏州

Type | 类型: pavilion | 展亭
Program | 功能: lecture hall, info point / cafe’ | 演讲厅, 问讯处, 咖啡厅
Size | 规模: 70 sqm | 70 平方米
Client | 业主: Suzhou International Design Week | 苏州国际设计周

Contractor | 施工方: Shandong Huarui Exhibition Limited | 山东华瑞展览有限公司
Structural constulant | 结构顾问: Davide Tomasi

Team | 团队: Nicola Saladino, Chen Chen (陈忱), Federico Ruberto, Wang Yiren (王翊人), Xu Nuofan (许诺凡), Lv Shoutuo (吕守拓), Zhang Ziyao (张紫峣)
2 / 15 bird view 鸟瞰图

Together Apart is a pavilion that explores the contradictions of a public space designed for gatherings in a time of social distancing.
The design responds to a call from 2020 Suzhou International Design Week to explore the “New Norm”: emerging post-epidemic forms of social interaction and cultural exchanges.

“聚 · 隔”是一个展亭,它提供了在保持社交距离的时代为公众设计用于聚集的空间这样看似矛盾的要求下的一种对新形式的探索。
展亭设计回应了2020苏州国际设计周的理念——“新日常”: 探索后疫情时代的社会互动和文化交流。
3 / 15 location and floor plan 项目位置和平面图

After the lockdowns had reduced everyone’s social life to virtual online encounters, China is finally recovering from the pandemic and people are going back to filling the streets. Social distancing, though, is still an ever-present underlying layer that forces them to experience the urban space through a different lens.
The design brief asked for a lecture hall / workshop space with an annexed info point / cafe'. Rather than imposing one way of using the pavilion, we provide the maximum variety of operational modes.

4 / 15 axonometric view: the ground and the steel structure 轴测图:人造地面与钢结构

When there is no event the pavilion works as an intensifier of the surrounding plaza, offering a sort of artificial topography where people can sit down to enjoy a coffee or read, lie down on soft cushions to watch a projection or play on the suspended net in the back. During a lecture, instead, the visitors can decide whether they want to be part of the small crowd gathered together inside the pavilion or they prefer to stay apart and peek in from a safe distance through the holes located in the back.

5 / 15 section 剖面图

The interior is wrapped by a colorful elastic skin made of silicon pipes that filters the views without disconnecting the lecture hall from the plaza. Suzhou is internationally famous for its traditional gardens and their architecture that challenges the usual dichotomy of “in and out”.

6 / 15 the lantern effect 夜景下的灯笼效果

Our façade explores the same concept, blurring such threshold in order to attract the curiosity of the passers-by, while preserving an intimate atmosphere for the speaker and the audience inside. If they decide to enter, visitors have to pull the elastic strings apart and squeeze to pass through, in an effort that reminds them of the importance of social distancing when their personal space is challenged by the pressure of the multitude.

7 / 15 info point + café 问讯处+咖啡售卖点
8 / 15 peeking in from multiple sides 可从多侧向内“窥视”
9 / 15 the physical constraints of social distancing 社交距离约束的实体化
10 / 15 the auditorium as a landscape 地形景观式观众席
11 / 15 visual connections with the surrounding plaza 与周围广场的视线连结
12 / 15 squeezing through the skin 挤过弹性表皮
13 / 15 a curious look from the outside 馆外人群好奇的目光
14 / 15 public program: a lecture 公共活动:讲座
15 / 15 public program: a flower workshop 公共活动:插花工作坊