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1 / 12 section of the added volume 新建体量剖面

new orchid hotel | 新兰花酒店

Year | 年份: 2014
Location | 地点: Beijing, China | 中国,北京
Status | 状态: under construction | 在建

Type | 类型: renovation | 改造
Program | 功能: hotel | 酒店
Size | 规模: 600 sqm | 600 平米
Client | 业主: orchid hotel | 兰花酒店
Contractor | 施工: beijing dongfutianxia construction company | 北京东赋天下装饰有限公司

Team | 团队: Chen Chen (陈忱), Federico Ruberto, Nicola Saladino, Liu Yifu (刘一芾), Liu Dong (刘动), An Tairan (安太然), Klest Pango, Aniruddha Mukherjee hotel 02.jpg
2 / 12 view of the site 场地

The new Orchid Hotel in Dashilar is the result of the renovation of a traditional courtyard house with certain historical value. The original layout presented a sequence of three courtyards surrounded by wooden-structure residential pavilions along a 60m long central axis. In recent years the site had been converted into a textile factory and the initial volumes were strongly altered.

新兰花设计精品酒店四合院改造项目是大栅栏街区更新计划的试点之一。过去的几十年间,这个总进深六十米的经典三进合院曾被改造为纺织厂和旅店。原有的木结构在岁月的变迁中经历了不同程度的改动和破坏,但基本的空间形制仍十分完好。 hotel 03.jpg
3 / 12 construction phases 各施工阶段

Our intervention starts from the recovery of the main pavilions, which were relatively well preserved, and the demolition of all the recent additions. A new volume along the street gives direct access to the site and hosts the general services and public functions of the hotel, while another block provides three extra bedrooms deeper in the plot and defines two gardens of similar size.

设计入手的第一步是对临时加建体量的拆除,及对结构保存较为完好的建筑主结构进行加固和修复。地段北侧的新建体量作为酒店入口,并承载了餐厅,接待等主要公共功能。另一处加建体量位于院落深处,作为三间客房空间,并划分出前后两个尺度相似的庭院。 hotel 04.jpg
4 / 12 circulation diagram 流线图解

The main building, organized on three floors, is “excavated” with the insertion of multiple skylights and a vertical garden that provide natural light and ventilation to the lower levels, while preserving the maximum privacy towards the neighbors.

入口建筑体量上下共三层。一个结合种植的天井空间为半地下层提供自然采光和通风。入口处还住着一户邻居,新建建筑体量的围合试图最大化彼此的私密性。 hotel 05.jpg
5 / 12 floorplans 平面

The original central axis has been removed and the main circulation has been relocated on the second floor along the West boundary of the plot, connecting the lobby with the two gardens and all the bedrooms. Such open-air elevated platform provides an unusual view over the roofs of the neighborhood, providing the guests with a unique and surprising perspective of the hutongs.

酒店主要流线不再位于原先四合院的中轴,而被架空到二层的高度,沿着西院墙将酒店接待空间、两个庭院和各客房区域联系起来。这个迷你空中步道系统将提供一个从高处俯瞰四合院屋顶肌理的独特视角。 hotel 07.jpg
6 / 12 section 剖面 hotel 06.jpg
7 / 12 section 剖面 hotel 08.jpg
8 / 12 view of the terrace 天台 hotel 09.jpg
9 / 12 view of the Northern courtyards 北院 hotel 10.jpg
10 / 12 North courtyard (terrace) under construction 在建的北院平台 hotel 12.jpg
11 / 12 North courtyard under construction 在建的北院 hotel 13.jpg
12 / 12 construction details 施工细节