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1 / 6 detail 细部展示

memoryscape | 记忆景观

Year | 年份: 2013
Location | 地点: Montpellier, France | 法国,蒙彼利埃
Status | 状态: completed | 建成

Type | 类型: installation | 装置
Program | 功能: exhibition | 展览
Size | 规模: 20 sqm | 20 平米

Team | 团队: Chen Chen (陈忱)
Collaboration with | 合作人: Ren Tian (任天), Xu Ke (徐轲) 02.jpg
2 / 6 plans and elevation 平面及立面

Every year the Festival des Architectures Vives organizes the construction of several installations in the courtyards of historical buildings that are opened for the occasion to the public. The 2013 festival focused on the theme of “memory” and our design aimed to produce a space inspired by miniature oriental gardens that could interact with the personal and collective memories of the visitors.

Festival des Architectures Vives是法国南部城市Montpellier一年一度的建筑艺术展。每年这个展览都会邀请世界各地的10组建筑师或艺术家为10个17世纪的老城内院做装置设计。 03.jpg
3 / 6 construction details 施工细部

An array of aluminum beams created an artificial landscape that echoes the typical lavender fields of South France.
The tectonic details were designed to avoid the use of any welding so that the installation could be assembled or disassembled within 3 hours.

2013年的展览主题是“记忆”,我们的装置受到东方园林中的盆景和枯山水的启发,试图以此为出发点创造一个与参观者互动的装置,装置本身能够创造并成为这个事件集体回忆的一部分。 05.jpg
4 / 6 landscape awaiting the interaction with the visitors 完成的记忆景观

Hundreds of aluminum trees were cut out from the beams to lighten the structure and were etched with the seven main emotions of Chinese philosophy. People of all ages were invited to pick up a tree, write their memories or wishes on it and “plant” it back onto the landscape, following an index of historical dates on the base.

纵横两组铝板梁的阵列拼插在一起,形成了一个简洁而优雅的曲面,神似南法著名的薰衣草景观。另有1200棵“树”:正面分别刻上了七情六欲中“七情”的汉字和法文,背面则供参与者写下他们的记忆和愿望,再被插回到这个带有时间刻度的人工“景观”中来。为节省材料并减轻装置总体的重量,这些“树”是从铝板梁上切下来的,铝板即成了类似空心梁的构造。预制的58根铝板梁在3小时内就可拼插成型,为便于拆卸,我们精心设计了拼插节点,完全避免使用焊接固定结构。 04.jpg
5 / 6 general view of the aluminum structure 铝结构总览

The public understood the rules of the installation naturally and became the active element of the performance. Writing and planting became a ritual of liberation, where wishes could find their physical materialization in the plants and sadness could be absorbed by the ground, revealing the implicit potential of our design. At the end of the week, all the 1200 trees were written and planted, saturating the whole landscape of memories.

装置展出的效果非常好,人们能很自然的理解设计意图,并积极参与到互动中来。当人们写下自己的回忆和愿望,放到圆盘上的时候,会产生一种宗教般的仪式感。这种仪式感或许成为了他们回忆的一种宣泄,或者对愿望的实现增添了一份信心。此刻,我们也再次发现了装置潜在的力量。1200棵树在一周的展览的最后一天被全部写满,原本孤独的山丘变得郁郁葱葱,充满着回忆。 06.jpg
6 / 6 visitors planting trees 游客种植记忆之树