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1 / 9 view towards Meishi Jie 从煤市街看向杨梅竹2号

ymz2 | 杨梅竹2号

Year | 年份: 2013
Location | 地点: Beijing, China | 中国,北京
Status | 状态: CD completed | 施工图完成

Type | 类型: renovation | 改造
Program | 功能: residential | 住宅
Size | 规模: 120 sqm | 120 平米
Client | 业主: beijing dashilar investment Limited | 北京大栅栏投资有限公司

Team | 团队: Chen Chen (陈忱), Federico Ruberto, Nicola Saladino, Aniruddha Mukherjee, Gao Shu (高姝) 00.jpg
2 / 9 installation space and physical models 装置空间及实体模型

Yangmeizhu 2 is one of the pilot projects in the Dashilar area and started as a small installation for the 2013 Beijing Design Week in one of the uninhabited rooms of the ground floor, exhibiting our concept for a potential residential redevelopment. Our plot consists of a series of disconnected volumes on multiple levels arranged around two little courtyards, shared by different tenants. The design was initially focused only on the vacant volumes but, given the heavy fragmentation of the properties and the serious structural pathologies of some buildings, soon it became clear that only operating on the whole courtyard, we could intervene effectively. The renovation would then have a much stronger impact that could eventually benefit both the current and the future tenants.

现状中需要改造的几个空置的空间分布在一二两层,并围绕着两个极小的室外空间展开,院子还住着另外两户人家。 02.jpg
3 / 9 physical model exhibited at BJDW 北京设计周展出的实体模型

At the moment, while the developer is establishing a negotiation with the local residents, we are working on different spatial configurations that reflect the different possible scenarios of property redistribution. Our design aims to solve the vertical communication between the two main interior levels and the roof terraces as well as improving the critical illumination and ventilation of the ground floor.

设计试图从解决空间的纵向交流出发,打通一、二两层及屋顶天台的纵向联系,同时为目前闭塞漆黑的首层房间带来充分的采光和通风。 03.jpg
4 / 9 physical model of the circulation system 流线系统模型

The construction of staircases that work as light-wells creates new vertical cores that help organize the whole internal program. A series of mezzanines maximizes the internal floor area while creating interesting visual connections; at the same time, small terraces and overhanging volumes extend the rooms outwards producing a new interface between interior and exterior spaces.

新建的楼梯将成为实现以上目标的媒介,它是一个光井,也是各空间功能组织的核心。方案对合院里一些共享的空间进行针灸式的重新组织和优化,试图以对一个单元的改造为契机同时改善整个邻里空间质量。 04.jpg
5 / 9 existing building 现有建筑 06_v2.jpg
6 / 9 circulation axo and floorplans 流线轴侧及平面 07_v2.jpg
7 / 9 volume axo and sections 体量轴侧及剖面 08_v2.jpg
8 / 9 interior view of the second level 二层室内 09.jpg
9 / 9 interior view of the top bedroom 顶层卧室室内